Apple stuffs iOS vulnerability in the iPhone

Apple has the beginning of August discovered security vulnerability in the operating system of Apple iPhone and iPad closed on Wednesday. The vulnerability allowed online criminals to take over rigged PDF files to control the devices and steal private information.

The update for the operating system is iOS Apple for the iPhone (iOS 4.0.2), the iPad (iOS 3.2.2) and the MP3 player iPod touch (iOS 4.0.2) is available. The update is automatically installed when syncing with iTunes. Does not happen, the user can also start it manually. This he does in iTunes for synchronization of the menu, each device to check for updates.

Had reported the vulnerability, the security companies Symantec, Lookout and Vupen. Put them in the built-in PDF software of the Apple operating system iOS for mobile devices. Considered the owner of an iPhone or an iPad manipulated by criminals PDF file, attackers could execute arbitrary malicious code, spy such as private information, or call on the iPhone even pay phone numbers.

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